4 Surprising Tricks To Lose Weight While On Vacation


Contrary to popular belief, it is really not that hard to lose weight while on vacation. Vacation does not have to be a period where you stuff yourself with food and gain alarming amounts of weight; there are in fact many ways to have a healthy and fit vacation. Find ahead the easy ways you can lose weight while on vacation.

Walk More

The best part about being on vacation is that you get to walk more which helps you lose weight, and use your walks as a form of sightseeing. Walking is a great leisurely way to shed some of those extra calories gained during your vacation without putting in so much effort like you would with high-intensity workouts or exercises. One of the best ways to encourage yourself to walk during vacations is to try to ensure that your hotel is located in the center or close to the center of whatever town or city you are in, this way it can also make the whole process easier for you.

If You Must Eat Snacks, Eat Fruits as Snacks

If you’re out and about and just want to put something in your stomach, take fruits instead of sugar, fatty, and calorie-filled snacks. Fruits are healthier for you and will provide you with better nutrients to keep you going compared to sugary and fatty snacks. You’ll definitely end up feeling much better about your body and much healthier.

Enjoy One Treat a Day

Vacations are for having fun, letting loose, and relaxing. You don’t need to be so hard on yourself because you are trying to lose weight. You can allow yourself to occasionally have a treat or two, and enjoy some sugary and fatty goodness, but you need to be disciplined about it. As much as you are letting yourself indulge occasionally, don’t act like a child and overdo it; be sure to exercise restraint. Once you can exercise restraint, you are free to savor and relish each bite of your portion-controlled indulgences.

Make it a ‘Fitcation’

The fact that you are calling your vacation a ‘fitcation’ doesn’t mean you would spend the whole time obsessing over your weight and everything you eat. It simply means that you would be responsible for the way you eat and kind of foods you put into your body and that you will also plan fun activities during the vacation that will help keep you occupied and active. Try to keep moving with fun activities during your vacation, but make sure it is with outdoor activities that you genuinely enjoy and have fun at. In addition, be sure to also relax from time to time, as relaxing helps to slow your body down, reduce cortisol, and help prevent unnecessary weight gain.


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