Helpful Tips To Pick a Career You’ll Actually Like


Choosing a career path can be quite daunting if you are not sure of what exactly you are passionate about doing. Fortunately, there are some helpful tips that can guide your selection of a career you’ll end up loving.

Consider the Lifestyle, Not Just The Job Title

What many people don’t understand is that there is more to a career than just the job titles you garner over time. Take a look at the 10 most successful people in the world in terms of business, entertainment etc. They had to lead a kind of life to get there. Before picking a career, you need to consider if you are ready to live the life that comes with the job title. Can you make the necessary sacrifices? Many people want to have great job titles and success, but very few people are willing to live the life that is needed to get to that point.


Try Internships

Your time in the university is a great time to apply for internships in industries that you think you might like to work in. Internships are a great way to test out an industry or type of career, they give you the flexibility you need to seek out the career path you want to be on and help you build your business network in the process. Just be sure to source for internships that provide ‘hands-on’ experience and actually give an opportunity to learn, rather than internships that are more or less about running mundane errands and picking up food or coffee.


Talk To a Mentor or Career Counselor

If you are not sure of your career path, talking to a mentor or career counselor is a great way to help define your career path. They can give you the insight you need to make the right career decisions, and if any of them is in the line of work you are interested in, you can go a step further by asking if you can shadow them on the job for a little while to help you with some first-hand experience on what the job is really about, and determine if is something you would like.

Consider the G+P+V Formula

G, P and V stand for ‘Gifts’, ‘Passion’ and ‘Values’ respectively. When choosing a career path, consider your gifts (things you do with relative ease), what you’re passionate about and your values (standards that are non-negotiable to you). Taking note of these three things and letting them guide you on your career path, is more often than not going to lead you to choose a career you’ll love.

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