How to Balance Education with a Career


According to a recent Harris Poll of 903 workers, 50% of those surveyed want to make a career change following the pandemic. Also, 33% stated they planned to change industries to improve their career prospects and job satisfaction.

If you’re one of the many people who has grown tired of their role or sector, it might be time to take your future into your hands by earning a degree. Don’t sit back and wait for another job to arrive on your lap and take the time to grow your knowledge and skills.

If you have a demanding career and a busy home life, you might wonder how to grow your expertise. If so, read the below advice on how to balance education with a career.

Choose an Online Course

An online course could help you achieve your professional goals while juggling your current full- or part-time job. As it is delivered 100% online, it will provide the flexibility to complete a course at your own time and pace. However, if you would prefer a mix of online and campus studying to embrace the student experience and network with other students, you can enjoy exactly that at Northern Michigan University. It offers a wide variety of online and blended courses to match your interests and career goals, such as psychology, criminal justice, or an RN to BSN. Find out more at

Inform Your Employer About a Course

Most employers would be happy to learn that their employees are expanding their skillsets, as it can add another string to a company’s bow. What’s more, they will appreciate your honesty and transparency about your professional aspirations, and they might provide more flexibility at work to accommodate your degree studies. Finally, you never know, your boss might be willing to fund your education if it is related to their sector, which could secure your loyalty and expertise.

Look for Flexible & Affordable Tuition Payments

In addition to finding a flexible course, look for flexible payment options and affordable tuition fees from a respected university. As you may need to remain in employment to fund your various living costs and tuition when studying, find a degree program that will allow you to pay for education on your terms. It can help you fund a university education without eating into your salary.

Set Expectations with Your Loved Ones

As your time will be split between work and education, you must set expectations about your time with your loved ones. Sit your loved ones down to discuss the importance of providing you with the time and patience to study and highlight the benefits it will bring to your families, such as better career prospects and improved salary potential. It will prevent your partner or children from disturbing you when cramming textbooks, writing a paper, or prepping for an exam.

While earning a degree alongside a job might not always feel easy, your hard work and effort will pay off when you have entered a brand-new career that suits your personality, lifestyle, and salary goals.


Carol Trehearn
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