4 Reasons To Pursue A Career In IT


When considering what career path to follow, you need to make sure that the job you choose is something that you’re passionate about. However, while love for what you do is important, there are other factors to think about so that you can have peace of mind when it comes to paying things like rent, bills, and being able to afford to live comfortably. You also want to know that there will be further opportunities for you later in your career and that you won’t one day wake up to find your job is no longer necessary. If you’re currently deciding what to do about your career, whether you’re about to go off to college or have decided that you want to switch careers later in life, and you have an interest in IT, here are a few reasons why this could be the perfect career path to pursue.

1.   An Opportunity to Learn

All careers allow you to learn new things, but not all jobs will require a college degree for you to be considered as a candidate. However, IT jobs do need people who have studied this subject at college as understanding how computer software works and technical knowledge used in this field can be complicated and isn’t something the average person is going to know. If you want to fit your studies around your job or other commitments, you can always enroll in online programs like this Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

2.   In Demand

Once you have your IT degree, finding a job in IT shouldn’t be too hard as there is a high demand for people with this expertise. You can work in IT anywhere in the world, too, which presents even further opportunities to live and work abroad for a while or permanently if this is something you have always been interested in doing. All businesses need IT support, so whether you’re working for a large IT firm or are hired to work in the IT department for another company, there will be a range of jobs to choose from.

3.   Variety

There is also a lot of variety when it comes to roles in IT, such as becoming a cyber-security specialist, data analyst, software and application development, web development, administration, etc. This can lead to a very rich and interesting career and will allow pursuing the areas of IT that you find the most compelling.

4.   Good Salary

Money isn’t everything, but no one can deny that it is important to earn enough that you can live in a comfortable home and put food on your table. Well, IT job salaries will certainly allow you to live comfortably, and probably more than that if you climb the career ladder. IT roles are very well-paid, with average salaries for the majority of roles being over $50k. Of course, this will depend on what job you have within the industry, but that is still higher than a lot of average salaries compared to other career paths.

If you are thinking of starting a career in IT but aren’t sure, consider the points above and see if they will persuade you to pursue this path.


Carol Trehearn
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