4 Expensive Holiday Mistakes People Usually Make


As humans we are prone to mistakes, however, holiday or travel-related mistakes can really take a hit on our finances; this is why they are mistakes to try as much as you can to avoid. Keep reading to discover just a few expensive holiday mistakes you probably might be making.

Not comparing deals

There is currently a lot of competition between holiday companies or travel agencies, as a result, just going for the first deal you see might mean you will end up missing out on better bargains. It is thus best to first compare sites, surf or shop around before choosing a travel deal and package. Additionally, be sure to always pay attention to the terms and conditions and check exactly what’s included in the holiday package. The cheapest isn’t always the best and sometimes it’s better value to pay a bit more for a deal with added extras.

Not researching on the holiday company or travel agency

Don’t just use a travel agency because they are the cheapest or offer the best prices, do some thorough checks on it before you do so. Many have fallen victim to fraudsters or have had to endure terrible service delivery because of this. You can surf the net for online reviews on the travel agencies, to know what people are saying about it and what the general consensus is.

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You can also use online forums or a search engine such as Google to ask questions about the travel agency and see how positive or negative the responses will be. There are a lot of scammers out there posing as travel agents and because of this, one needs to be very careful. If the travel agency doesn’t have a strong and credible online presence, you should be wary of it.

Using phones on roaming rates

This really doesn’t have to be a travel mistake, all you need to do to avoid this is to check with your mobile service provider about international rates and packages you can buy before you travel. These packages can make it easier for you to make calls, texts and use the internet at cheaper rates.

Failing to book your accommodation

Sometimes, while on vacation we might want to be spontaneous and visit one or two places that weren’t in the original plan, and while this is great for making memories, this spontaneity can often backfire with impractical decisions like failing to book your accommodation beforehand. As a result, out of desperation and to avoid being stranded, you end up having to ‘splash your budget’ on more expensive accommodation because all the affordable ones have all been booked.


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