5 Reasons Why Android Devices Are Still Better Than iPhone


There has always been a comparison between Android devices and Apple’s iPhone. Although, many people rate iPhone above Android phones, there are certain things Android phones do far better than iPhone.

External Storage Options

Android phones allow you to use external storage from an SD card inserted into the phone. This is not the case for iOS as there is no space for SD card. Depending on your pocket, you have to buy 16GB, 32GB or 64GB iPhone.

Dual SIM

Many Android phones allow you to put two SIM cards in at the same time. This gives you two separate phone numbers for calls and texts. There is nothing like dual SIM for iPhone.

Browsers Can Open Links

With Android phones, you can decide which app is the default for things like opening internet links. Since you can make the browser be the default, you won’t have your personal data spread out among multiple apps. On iPhones, you can’t.

Single Sign In For All The Apps You Use

When you sign into your Android gadgets, Gmail & other services are ready to use and all covered under a single privacy agreement. However, when you sign into your iPhone, you need to download and sign into each of these services individually, which means you also have to sign out of them individually.

Download Movies And Music From Anywhere

If you want to add music or movies to your iPhone, you need to download them on a computer and sync with iTunes or purchase them inside an app and only use them in that app. But on Android gadgets, you can download right from the web and save it to the phone or Micro SD card to watch or listen offline without needing a computer.


Iheanyi Chris
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