Avoid These 4 Annoying Things People Do at the Airport


If you enjoy travelling, flying might likely be your preferred means of transportation, probably because it’s the world’s fastest form of transportation and it’s less stressful. At the same time, going on a trip requires some preparations, some of which might include packing, ensuring your passport or ID card is valid and handy, keeping a tab on your schedule so you don’t miss your flight, and many more.

Occasionally, some of these preparatory arrangements might experience one or two setbacks. In such instances, certain funny and unacceptable behaviours might creep in. Africa’s number one hotel booking portal, Jumia Travel, delves into some of the four (4) most noticeable reactions of people when they are using the airports.


Source: bbc.co.uk

Rushing to the Boarding Gate

It is very annoying and unbelievable to see passengers, even adults running to the boarding gate to queue when there is a boarding announcement. A number of times, you cannot but wonder why people exhibit such a behaviour in public. Could it be that they thought they might be denied entry to the plane if they were the last to join the queue? Or perhaps someone else might take their seats? Could it also be that there is a reward for arriving first in the plane? Point is, there is no hurrying to the queue – whether you’re first on the queue or last, as long as you’re at the boarding gate, the flight attendants will let you in. Just saying

Searching for Boarding Pass/ID Card

Once a boarding announcement is made, it is expected that you join a queue. And the purpose of the queue is to allow the airport attendants verify your boarding ticket and your form of ID and these items are expected to be handy as you approach for scrutiny. It becomes annoying when you find that some people will wait until it’s their turn to be checked before they start searching confusingly for these items, thus delaying other people on the queue. One would wonder why they didn’t check and determine the location of these items in their luggage or handbags before it got to their turn. Point is, keep your boarding pass and ID in your hands when you are being checked in order to avoid wasting other passengers’ time.



Jumping the Queue

If you have ever been late for your flight and you arrive at the airport to see a long queue of people (especially those not flying the same route with you) waiting to obtain their boarding pass, you will be tempted to jump the queue just so you don’t miss your flight. There’s nothing wrong if you have to plead with people to jump the queue if you’re rushing to catch your flight, but no, don’t jump the queue; it’s annoying.

Unnecessary Delays at the Scanner:

 Every flyer is familiar with the scanner routine; you have to subject your luggage and every other item on you to the scanner – yourself inclusive. The process even requires that you remove your shoes, wristwatches, belts, rings etc. So since you know all these rules, why wait till it’s your turn to start taking off these items? Guys, take them off regardless before it gets to your turn; it saves your time and other passengers’.

Which of these are you guilty of?

Adeniyi Ogunfowoke
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