How to Boost Your Teaching Career Prospects


One of the biggest benefits of teaching is that there is always a new skill to master or an emerging tactic or topic to learn. By improving your knowledge and abilities, you can help your students reach their full academic potential, which will improve your job satisfaction.

If you are new to teaching or ready to take the next step in your long career, options are available to expand your skills, improve your earning potential, and help you maintain a passion for the profession. Keep reading to learn how to boost your teaching career prospects.

Earn Professional Development Certificates

Professional development certificates will set you apart from educators at a school, as you’ll gain new skills to increase your knowledge and expertise. Stand out from other professionals in your field by learning about the different professional development courses available at, such as a Student Engagement Certificate or Computer Science Authorization and Licensure, to name a few options. It’s the perfect way to grow your education, improve your career opportunities, and build a larger professional network.

Connect with Your Colleagues

Building friendly relationships with your colleagues will not only improve your working life, but it could help you flourish in your teaching role. Forming friendships with other teachers will allow you to discuss teaching strategies to overcome classroom challenges, exchange lesson plans to improve engagement, and swap ideas to build on your skills. Strive to soak up information from knowledgeable, experienced teachers to avoid their mistakes, grow your expertise, and stand out from the faculty.

Enroll in Educator Courses

While certificates can advance your career, your expertise, skills, and engagement in the classroom can separate you from your co-workers. If you’ve gone as far as you desire in professional education, you can continue to grow your knowledge by enrolling in one or more non-degree educator courses. They will enable you to deliver exciting lessons that can help students fall in love with a subject and reach their full potential. Examples of fantastic educator courses include sport first aid, computational thinking, and financial wellness, to name a few options.

Join Professional Teaching Associations

To enter a vacant senior teaching position or set yourself up for a promotion at your current school, join a professional teaching association, such as:

  • National Science Teachers Association
  • National Council of Teachers of English
  • National Education Association
  • Association of American Educators
  • Association for Middle-Level Education

You can then keep abreast of the latest research in the sector and learn tactics for advancing your career. Thanks to the extensive resources and networking events available, you can enhance your knowledge, tactics, and insight to flourish in a role and climb the teaching ladder.

Organize Field Trips or School Clubs

Organizing school clubs or field trips might sound like a chore, but it can demonstrate your superb organizational and leadership skills to senior staff. If you can develop and execute extra-curricular activities safely and smoothly, you could earn a promotion once a vacancy arises at a school. However, you must not take on too many extra-curricular activities alongside your teaching job, as it could set you apart from your colleagues for the wrong reasons.


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