6 Great Gifts You Can Personalize


There’s something special about a gift that was made specifically for its recipient. If you’re looking to go the extra mile, be it for a friend, family member or simply to treat yourself, there are plenty of personalized presents for you to procure on the internet today. Here are 6 great options that don’t cost a fortune.

Vans Custom Slip-Ons

You’re probably familiar with the iconic slip-on skate sneaker, but did you know that you can create your own pair from scratch? This is made possible by the official Vans online customizer, which allows you to add anything from checkers to plaid to photos for a truly one-of-a-kind pair of shoes.

BaubleBar Bracelets

In addition to a range of charms, necklaces, and phone cases, this popular online store offers some of the best bracelets around. Each pair is adorned in gold and finished in your choice of rainbow-colored text that can be mixed and matched to spell whatever you want.

You can even dip into the symbols for more variety. Just keep in mind that profanity is off the table. Once your customization is done, your chosen character combination will be threaded onto a bracelet of golden beads and sent to your recipient in due course.

Craft & Oak Maps

From city maps to constellations, coordinates and more, Craft & Oak provides a unique selection of posters sporting gorgeous designs that you can tailor to your liking. Perhaps you’d like an aerial map of your hometown. Maybe you want to spoil your partner with a star map of the night you met. Either way, this online store has you covered.

Papier Colour Block Notebooks

Is your recipient-to-be an avid writer? If so, chances are they’ll love a custom color block notebook from Papier’s online store. Choose from softback or hardback styles and a range of fun combinations. You can even choose whether to have lined, dotted, or plain paper in case you prefer a book for drawing or journaling.

Anthropologie Gwen Monogram Coasters

For something small and simple, consider these monogram coasters from the Anthropologie website. In terms of custom features, there isn’t a whole lot to them beyond the choice of letters, but the abalone shell inlay with brass and marble accents is sure to make an impression. Fortunately, they’re still affordable enough to make them an ideal gifting option.

Pawtrait Pet Portraits

Dog moms and dads will adore these custom posters from PawtraitDesignCo. Available either as a canvas print or digital download that you can print yourself, each piece is tailored to your specifications, including everything from the name to the background color to the breed of dog.

What’s great is that the company accepts pets of any kind and is happy to take on special orders. All you need to do is tell them what you want, send the necessary photos and you (or your recipient) will have your “Pawtrait” soon enough.

Regardless of who you are gift shopping for, any one of these options is sure to satisfy you. So, which will you be buying?



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