8 Things You Can Do When You Turn 16


There is an incredible feeling associated with reaching the milestone age of sixteen. In most cultures around the world, this period is considered a stepping stone into adulthood. It opens up a world of exciting possibilities for the adult prospect. So what can you do when you become the latest sweet sixteen in town? This guide provides some of the most important privileges.

1. Drinking

You can only drink with the approval of your parents or guardians. Even with their permission, you can only drink wine or gulp some beer during meals. Some countries, however, can allow you to drink without the consent of your parents. It is important to begin to learn how to drink responsibly at this age.

2. Sex

If you are ready for sex, you are free to do so at this age so long as you have consent from your partner who is at least sixteen years old. In some countries, parental consent is still required.

3. Marriage

The parents of the prospective bride and groom must give their consent before any marriage or civil partnership can be formalized. The option of eloping is totally out of the question, though.

As a side note: For marriage, you can choose to be emancipated from your parents or guardians if your state’s laws allow it.

4. Driver’s License

Yes, you can finally apply for a driver’s license once you learn how to drive. You can enroll for driving lessons at a reputable school today, such as AllianceDefensiveDrivingSchool.com, where your safety is given top priority. With an easy online system, you can book your lessons today with experienced instructors.

5. Work

You can legally apply for a job and start working if employed. This means you can earn minimum wage and not be too reliant on your parents for upkeep. The best jobs for 16-year-olds include supermarkets, stores, and the food-service industry as a host or hostess taking orders – you won’t be allowed to cook just yet.

6. The Military

You will not be able to join the army without your parents’ consent. You can, however, register for military training and begin the routines when you are ready.

7. Medical Decisions

You can decide for yourself if you want any medical procedures. This also applies to surgery and dental practices. You also have the choice to change your general practitioner if you are no longer comfortable with the one your parents normally take you to.

8. Be a Pilot

You can apply to be a glider pilot, but the laws will not allow you to fly a plane yet, as this is a risky venture.

 Additional things you can do

You can do many other small things once you reach the age of 16, including applying for your own passport. However, you just won’t be able to travel unless you have parental consent. You can legally apply for a national insurance number and claim benefits. You can even change your name if you would like. You can choose to be called whatever you want, as required by law. In addition, you can also register for blood and stem cell donation; you cannot donate your blood until you are at least seventeen years old, though.

A window of opportunities opens up when you turn sixteen. With freedom from parental strongholds, you can do whatever you like within the limits of the law. It is an exciting prospect and one you should grab with open arms!


Carol Trehearn
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