How to Make a Positive Impact in Healthcare Administration


Those that work in healthcare administration will always want to make a positive impact and stand out from the crowd. Working in healthcare administration allows you to save and improve lives by managing how healthcare systems are managed, making it incredibly rewarding and satisfying. It can also be tough and hard to know how to really make a difference, though, so if you are just getting started in healthcare or you have experience under your belt, here are a few tips that should help you to start making a positive impact and stand out from the crowd.

Earn A Masters In Healthcare Administration

A master’s in healthcare administration (MHA) will be essential if you want to climb the ladder, excel, and make a difference in healthcare administration. An MHA will allow you to go after the bigger, better-paid jobs in healthcare administration, but it will also teach you how to facilitate high-quality, patient-centered care and manage contemporary issues in this field. The Boston College online MHA degree is one of the best options as a degree from a reputable college that can be taken online and with flexibility, making it easier to study while you work.

Be Empathetic

Anyone that works in the healthcare system needs to be empathetic. Even working in healthcare administration, you will still be coming into contact with patients each day, and you must be able to put yourself in their shoes. Those that are empathetic in healthcare administration will have a better idea of the challenges and issues that need addressing and can make a positive difference to the healthcare system.

Have A Strong Work Ethic & Positive Mindset

As a healthcare administrator, you will need to have a strong work ethic if you want to find success in your role and make a difference. This means that you need to be self-motivated, set yourself goals and not let any setbacks knock your confidence. It is also important to have a positive, can-do mindset, making it much easier to form stronger connections with people and help you to inspire others with your work.

Be A Team Player

If you want to climb the ladder in healthcare administration, you will need to demonstrate leadership skills. This is important, but it is also vital that you are a team player and understand that the patient always comes first. You can make a big impact on the healthcare system as a healthcare administrator, but you do not always need to be the leader, and you must be happy and willing to play smaller roles at times and work well with others.

For those looking to make a difference in healthcare administration and stand out from the crowd, these are the key areas you should focus on. Working in healthcare administration can be hugely rewarding, but you do need to know how to excel and stand out if you really want to make a positive difference.


Carol Trehearn
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