Your Guide to the Different PC Game Genres You Can Play


If you are a beginner in the PC gaming world and would like to get started, you may initially be feeling uncertain due to the sheer amount of genre options out there. Even seasoned gamers may run up against genres they have never heard of or experienced before.

To make sure you know your great options when it comes to PC gaming genres, here is a guide for what you need to know.


The sandbox genre offers more freedom in what you would like your game goals to be. Sandbox games generally do not follow a set narrative or questline; instead, they allow for a more open environment and non-linear gameplay for you to play how you would like, at your own pace. You will still face tasks and objectives, but how you want to accomplish them is up to you.

Sports and Simulation

If you are a huge fan of sports or one particular sport, then simulation games are the way to experience your sport firsthand. Sports and simulation games offer the opportunity for you to manage your own team, build up your players and truly immerse yourself in the experience of the game. With sports and simulation, you can usually delve deeper into the history and information of the sport, such as exploring the history of baseball statistics, to make a truly immersive experience that is based on fact.

Role-Playing Games (RPG)

As the title rightly suggests, this genre means you are taking on the role of a set character. In some RPGs, you may be able to create your character from scratch (such as appearance, personality, and skillset) but in others, you may be given a title character to play with their existing personality. You then explore the gaming world as this character, fulfilling tasks and quests to build experience.

There are also many genres that can be explored within the RPG genre. For instance, you may be able to play a fantasy RPG battling dragons, or you may be able to play a modern-day RPG where you are exploring city streets and driving a car.

Survival and Horror

These two genres can often overlap, creating ‘survival horror’ games in which you control a character who needs to stay alive within a horror setting. Nevertheless, the horror genre can also be explored separately with a scary storyline, creepy setting, or maybe even jump scares.

Common inclusions in the survival/horror genre include zombies or the paranormal, in which you have to explore a particular setting or storyline and encounter such creatures.

Some horror or survival games may depend on simply hiding or running, while others may require you to level up and get involved in close combat to survive.


There are many areas and environments that can be explored when considering shooter games. On the surface, you will play as either a first-person or third-person shooter, equipped with a gun. Some shooter games are very simple and similar to the classic arcade shooters, while others can be huge open worlds or online multiplayer where you can team up with friends to shoot-em-up.


Genres of gaming are still evolving, and there are so many options to explore. What matters is choosing a genre that works for you and which you enjoy.


Carol Trehearn
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