6 Reasons You Should Replace Sugar With Honey


Sugar came in the middle of the night, chased away honey and became king in the morning. A classic case of usurpation. Today, it is so many people can’t do without sugar. In their morning tea, they must add several cubes of sugar. Regardless, no matter how widely spread the use of sugar, the fact remains that it is a sweetener that cannot be compared to any other.  Hence, the recommendation that you should always take sugar rather than honey. Honey features sugar, minerals, vitamins, enzymes and amino acid. If you have not been taking honey, Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shares the health benefits of taking honey. Expectedly, this will encourage taking honey more often.

Regulate blood sugar

Honey contains fructose and glucose that are needed to balance your blood sugar levels. So, the honey you take the better for your health and blood sugar. Importantly, there is no amount of honey you take that will raise your blood sugar level.

Better exercise performance

Taking honey before an exercise will ensure that you perform optimally during your workout sessions and you don’t tire out easily. At the same, if you take it at the end, you heart speed will slow down quicker and you will feel better.

Perfect for wounds and burns

This is why it is advisable for you to have honey at home. When you apply honey to an external wound and burns, it makes it dry quickly. When next you have a wound or burn, use honey for treatment.

Deal with a cough and throat irritations

Honey can also help in dealing with a cough and throat irritation. It works like magic. Few spoons of sugar can reduce or clear these annoying irritations.

Check cancer and heart disease

Like they say, prevention is better than cure. To prevent or minimise the risk of cancer, you should take honey regularly because it contains antioxidants that cushion the effects of these terminal diseases.

Lessen the risks of stomach ulcers  

It is also possible to use honey to limit the risks of stomach ulcer and other bacterial stomach flu.

Adeniyi Ogunfowoke
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